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WebCruiter-ID er de jobsøgendes universalnøgle til den rekrutteringsløsning, alle WebCruiter-kunder bruger.

WebCruiter-ID gør din hverdag nemmere. Med WebCruiter-ID har jobsøgende nu et brugernavn og en adgangskode, de kan bruge hos alle arbejdsgivere, som bruger WebCruiters rekrutteringsløsninger, og adgang til alle CV'er og søgninger på ét sted.

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Publiceret 01. november 2012
[Endret-a] 06. februar 2013
  • WebCruiter not affected by «The Heartbleed Bug»

    Several media channels are reporting vulnerabilities in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library.

  • Portable CV standard launched

    Today, 22 June 2011, Rigmor Aasrud, the Norwegian Minister of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs, launched the Portable CV standard that will make it possible for job-seekers to transfer their CVs from one recruitment portal to another. The introduction of the new standard will mean that job-seekers no longer have to register their CVs over and over again in multiple job-seeker solutions.

    “Many of us send out multiple job applications every time we change jobs, and we use the Internet to do so. Recent graduates in particular apply for a great many jobs. So I am delighted that job applicants no longer have to spend all their time filling in the same CV time and time again,” says Rigmor Aasrud.

    The standard was created following a letter to the editor of the newspaper Aftenposten, written by Morten Sæthre, an active job-seeker, on 18 March last year.

    The members of the work group are to incorporate the new standard in their job-seeking and CV systems on an ongoing basis over the coming year. The work group suppliers have included WebCruiter,, JobbNorge, HR Manager, Lumesse and NAV.

    For additional information about the Portable CV standard, visit