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Webcruiter, HR Manager and ReachMee have entered into a joint ownership.

Together, we are the Nordic region's leading supplier of one unified HR platform; recruitment, onboarding and talent development. The merger will take place over time, but our new name is Talentech.

Our common vision is to lift and develop the Nordic HR Tech market - and at the same time be HR's preferred talent platform.


See how the tool works and how effective it can be in relation to your needs and requirements. Browse various integrations and modules that will make it easier for you to complete effective and accurate recruitment processes.

Skjermbilde fra Webcruiter rekrutteringsverktøy

The year is 2000. Years away from GDPR and regulations demanding structure. The Recruiting firm Rådhuset Rekruttering is sick of sorting CVs in paper format delivered by the mail man and at the same time dealing with applications in the same format. Everything is IT that year, and the firm starts working on an electronic system for recruiting. The goal is to be seen as professional and still be able to produce the best candidates for the customers.

In 2003, Webcruiter is launched. A SAAS-solution that is seen small revolution for everybody struggling with print applications and emails. The client list is increasing and the first customers are very much contributing to the development the coming years.

When Webcruiter created a solid integration with archive solutions in 2005, it resulted in great rewards for the public sector. Archive emloyees were able to spend time on other tasks than archiving big loads of application files. – Webcruiter was breaking sales records.

The integration with test tools followed shortly after and gave customers the possibility to utilize relevant tests in an efficient way. This was avital element in reducing bad hires and instead ensure hiring the right person.

Close cooperation with partners was emphasized early on for Webcruiter. Evry and Bluegarden chose Webcruiter as their best of breed solution for recruiting in their HR-suite. Together, we became very attractive to bigger clients, especially in the public sector.

Webcruiter was experiencing great success, the client base and number of employees in Webcruiter was growing at a steady rate. The company culture was built around a “customer first” mentality.

Today, over 1400 organisations are using Webcruiter. With 15+ years of experience as a provider of recruiting systems and a good overview of the needs and demands of the customers, our goal is to become the best recruiting system in the world.

Webcruiter is meant to contribute to:

Increase in relevant candidates

More accurate recruiting processes

Save time

To ensure that we are developing something the market is asking for, we have held countless focus groups along the way. Feedback and insight from our employees with experience in the recruiting business has also contributed to improve the final product.

In December 2017 Webcruiter 2.0 was launched. A recruiting system where design, user-friendliness and possibilities will greet you by the first click.

Whether we have managed to develop the worlds greatest recruiting system? That is what occupies our mind every day we go to work, and we are constantly releasing new modules to make this happen.

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The certification means that the company has carried out an environmental survey and has drawn up an action plan to meet the criterias. Webcruiter AS has met the criterias and has been Eco-Lighthouse certified since November 2010.


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