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Recruiting and maintaining talents

A clear change in regards to finding and also keeping the best talents on the market. More and more companies are trying to catch the best passive candidates’ interests as well as improving employee development. This is done to make sure the talents stay motivated and wants to stay employed. HR is often ending up with questions like this:

How do make us attractive as a company?

On which media(s) will we find our future talents?

How do we attract the new generations?

How do we ensure professional follow-ups to leave a good impression with the candidates?

Why don’t we succeed in following up upon appraisals?

How do we maintain our employees as well as develop their competencies?

If you can nod to any of the above, we assure you, you are not alone!


GDPR and data processing

A different change which has affected the growth within HR Tech is GDPR – the famous new personal data regulation, who probably everyone has been in touch with somehow. The demands being given in regards to data processor agreements, documentation of work processes, handling and deletion of data, logging and much more has caused companies to realize they’re missing overview and structure.

Today, even a company with 20 employees may need a HR system, to handle structuration of employee data, documents and a simple tool for leaders in regards to employee development.


”To gather and structure employee information can create a unique overview as well as helping with further development of employees in regards to competencies and transparency and follow-up dialogues. It is time for HR to take the next step #HRnextlevel.”


In regards to the GDPR rules, the missing overview and unstructured processes, HR is often being left with these questions:

Which digital solutions do I need to become compliant?

Is it possible to have employee data, documents and employee development in one place?

How do I recycle data without having to many manual processes?

How do I automate our data flows?

Can I motivate my leaders to follow the GDPR – and how?

What is possible with automatic deletion of data, structuring and logging?


HR Tech is growing

As mentioned above HR Tech market is growing. This is why an exciting cooperation contribute to solving some of the challenges HR are facing today.


It is a struggle to receive the right candidates and it requires good HR Tech solutions, that can contribute to the optimization of talent recruitment and development. This is why we will have a new Nordic focus in 2019, with the hashtag #HRnextlevel supplemented by #HRinfront.
GDPR will also bring a lot of implemented digital HR solutions across the Nordics in the future – with companies’ wishes for control of employee data, documents etc. We are also experiencing that more and more wishes to implement the best systems (best of breed solutions) within a given specialist area; in cooperation with the synchronisation of data with open APIs. We will make a difference for HR!

A joint ownership

Webcruiter and HR Manager are now jointly owned. The company HR Manager is the Nordic region's leading supplier of a single HR platform; recruitment, onboarding and HR.

We have chosen to stand together to offer the best Nordic Talent Platform within talent recruitment and development, for the private as well as the public sector.

Our common vision is to lift and grow the Nordic HR Tech market – as well as being HR’s preferred Talent Platform. Webcruiter and HR Manager are now owned and supported by Verdane, Northern Europe’s #1 growth investor in software and technology-enabled companies like ours!

The cooperation will not affect our relationship with our customers, nor will it affect HR Manager’s customers. Therefore, this is ONLY a positive strategy based on growth and is simply about improving our current expertise areas.

From left is Johnny Rindahl from Verdane, Lars Chr. Ringdal from HR Manager, Joakim Kjemperud from Verdane and Fredrik Mæhlum from Webcruiter.

From left is Johnny Rindahl from Verdane, Lars Chr. Ringdal from HR Manager, Joakim Kjemperud from Verdane and Fredrik Mæhlum from Webcruiter.

We are also launching different press releases today, which can be read on: Read more.

We are really looking forward to the new year with Webcruiter and Verdane, with lots of new processes and we are very happy to have all our customers and partners with us on our journey! #HRinfront #HRnextlevel


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