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Frantz provides its customers with strategic media advice on the optimal media mix to reach the right target group, and can produce and place job adverts and campaigns. Frantz stands ready to help Webcruiter’s clients by efficiently handling all or part of the creation and distribution of adverts.

Frantz is a well-established media agency that can act as a sparring partner for the creation of job adverts. If required, Frantz can produce texts and graphic designs tailored to the particular advertising format, with the focus on the defined target group and the content of the job advert concerned.

Frantz is therefore well qualified to advise on:

  • The most suitable media and types of adverts 

  • The physical placement of the job adverts

Assistance with the choice of channel/media consulting and the creation of advertising strategies is an integral part of Frantz’s day-to-day activities. This is because the company works with a broad spectrum of media and channels, and keeps abreast of media trends, changing media habits and the various media’s possibilities and limitations. Frantz has a broad national and international media network, and extensive experience of planning and implementing major advertising projects, both online (relevant websites, landing pages, newsletters and social media) and in print (newspapers, magazines and journals).


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