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So easy and intuitive that even managers who only occasionally carry out recruitment do so like a pro.

NEW Webcruiter is the result of many years’ work. The recruitment software that many people are familiar with has been rebuilt from the ground up.

NEW Webcruiter has a new, user-friendly interface based on universal design and responsive design.

Under the surface, the old software has been replaced with the latest technology. This has enabled us to create new functionality that gives users additional benefits.

The recruitment software has a simple price model made up of three parts: start-up, an annual fee, and courses. The annual fee depends on the number of employees in your organisation, and it includes unlimited use and unlimited users. Our clients love our Customer Success team, whose help is also included in the annual fee.

If you are in a hurry, it is possible to set it up in less than a week (excluding integrations). However, normally we reckon on a start-up period of three to six weeks.

Webcruiter has made it easier for new applicants when it comes to applying for jobs. With Webcruiter, you don't have to create a profile or confirm your e-mail address to apply for a job – although these options are offered to applicants after the application process is over, and as many as 90 per cent do so. The only information required in order to apply is a name, e-mail address and mobile number. Apart from that basic information, the client determines what personal details should be obtained from applicants and whether they should register structured CVs or send CVs as attachments.

Applicants who have created a profile have a complete overview of their CV, their submitted applications, their test and interview invitations and so on.

You are shown a list of locations where you may wish to publish a job advert. Simply select the relevant locations for the job concerned and click “Publish”.

Our Customer Success team are experts in the solution and have DNV GL certification within recruitment. They score top marks in our customer survey.

One of Webcruiter’s strengths is integrations. We have integrations with archiving systems, payroll and HR systems, test tools, background-check systems and publishing tools. Ask our clients how good our integrations are.


Webcruiter can easily be adapted to meet the challenges of different organisations. The objective is usually the same: efficient and accurate recruitment processes. In addition, we will be happy to help you with branded career pages where you can highlight why the best candidates should choose you.


Our latest clients get the following advantages with Webcruiter:

Competence-based recruitment

An easy and intuitive tool, even for those who only get involved in recruitment occasionally

Screening and automatic preliminary sorting

Avoiding discrimination

Test integrations

Tackling large numbers of applications

Video interviews


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